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Branding is one of the first steps in creating an identity for your business. It’s the one thing your target audience will first encounter – you want to ensure your brand is memorable, stands out and can grow into a strong identity.

Intrinsic Marketing will work closely with you to understand your business, your offering, your values, your customers. Other aspects that inform our creative branding process are your aspirations and goals. All these elements will form the basis of your brand identity, meet your goals and more importantly connect with your target audience.

If you’re an established business and feel that it’s time for a brand refresh, we’re here to help.

Our Impact Branding Process

Discovery session & questionnaire

This process helps Intrinsic Marketing get to know your business and how to best represent your business through visual design and branding.


Intrinsic Marketing will begin the creative brand process – the design, colours, typography. We will present three concepts for consideration and refine the concepts to final approved brand artwork.

Mini Style Guide

Once branding is finalised, we will provide you with a Mini Style Guide. Essentially this is the ‘rule book’ for your brand to ensure consistent representation across all mediums and brand placement.

Business Card Design

Once the Impact Branding process is completed, Intrinsic Marketing will design business cards and create ‘print ready’ artwork for professional printing.


Intrinsic Marketing - Impact Branding Design

Bringing Your Brand to Life

Intrinsic Marketing has a passion for creativity and designing a variety of projects that visually represent your brand identity. We work with your brand assets to create engaging visuals and marketing collateral.

We can support your business in implementing your brand assets. This extends to all forms of marketing – across digital and print mediums to advertising, websites and beyond.

We support and assist businesses with:

Our involvement can be as little or as much as needed. You determine the priorities and we’ll get to work on delivering brand assets and perfectly designed marketing material to grow your business. 

It’s like having your very own design department at your fingertips.